Goal directed Sales Training App engaging frontline using Byte-sized Learning powered by Gamification


Our telecom client was finding it difficult to keep its geographically distributed sales staff up-to-date about its latest products and services. The endeavor was both costly and time consuming. The client did not have the right tools to provide the sales personnel the information they needed to perform their job effectively. It was in this context that the client approached DigitalSkunks to develop and implement a Mobile First platform for their distributed sales team.

DigitalSkunks recommended an interactive mobile platform that would present bite-sized pieces of information to the sales team. The content would be accessible anyplace and anytime on hand-held devices, and would be delivered in an interactive manner.

With the new platform client’s employee can log onto the online training course or module via their mobile devices to learn everything they need to know to make a sale or help a customer make an informed decision. Rather than having to wait until they sit in a training room, sales personnel now have the ability to access resources and tools immediately.

Background and Challenges

  • Our European telecom client was finding it difficult to keep their direct and channel sales teams seamlessly updated with changes to company’s hardware product portfolio.
  • DigitalSkunks’ suggested solution was to implement a mobile first platform for the distributed workforce that would help sales personnel improve their understanding of company’s products and services.
  • Product-related content updated on a quarterly basis was expected to assist the sales staff in providing a more fulfilling sales experience for their end customers.
  • The objective of creating a mobile platform was also to keep users of the platform engaged by introducing interactive gaming elements and keeping the content bite-sized.

Technical Solution

  • With the customer at the centre of the solution, we applied a strategy that involved taking continuous feedback and suggestions from the client to develop the best solution. Content was co-created to give the client exactly what they required.
  • Product related information was shared through short courses and videos that made it convenient learning package for the workforce.
  • The new mobile first platform was ingrained with gamification elements to make learning more engaging and fun for the busy workforce.
  • The solution included interactive reports that provided the management with actionable insights on platform usage and effectiveness of content.
  • The development of the product was spread over 3 sprints, with parallel development of both web and mobile applications.

Outcome: DigitalSkunks successfully delivered a comprehensive solution that met company’s training-related challenges and the simple and intuitive platform that exceeded client’s expectations.

  • The workforce showed a marked improvement in the learning cycle and were able to deliver a better sales experience to the customers.
  • There was significant reduction in customer care calls related to product features and first time setup.
  • Iterative addition of Gamification elements on the platform encouraged to workforce to regularly take up their learning exercises and continue engagement.
  • The managers were able to better disseminate information to their workforce and achieve the training objectives in an effective manner based on the analytics.
  • The platform promoted better collaboration among the workforce that improved the overall morale of the employees and the channel partner employees by boosting confidence on knowledge and badges that users earned with the usage of application.
  • Managers were able to monitor the workforce’ training progress in an efficient manner.