Why Fye? Upgrading with care for superior customer experience


Our Telecom customer in Europe has a large number of customers. With the launch of their new WiFi product business needed to upgrade 1.2 million customers to a new network profile. The upgrading of the product associated with the customer device had to be done in a seamless mode without affecting customer’s existing product setup on the network. Any disruption would mean loss of business.

DigitalSkunks was asked to support customer migration from planning to execution.

As a result of detailed planning and execution, DigitalSkunks was able to successfully upgrade its client’s customer to a new device. Only a miniscule set of customers faced problems during the migration. DigitalSkunks project team worked closely with Customer Service department to monitor and resolve customer complaints.

Business Challenge

  • DigitalSkunks was required to execute the migration process overnight within a specified time window on predetermined dates To avoid any impact to their customers during the migration to a new WiFi product.
  • The migration team had to account for events which trigger heavy use of internet like a sport event, local football matches or an important event. This required a great amount of planning by customer and an excellent implementation by vendor.
  • Apart from provisioning what was crucial for this project was an ability to identify issues while upgrading and a quick corrective action in case of an error. This warranted that the team is experienced and understands the technology and process to take corrective actions based on different scenarios to support this process.
  • For this major upgrade almost 1.2 million customers and devices were upgraded in a short window.
  • Failed work orders had to be fixed by the end of the following day and this required close coordination between client business and technical team and our team. In case an upgrade failed (work order failure) the project team had to trouble-shoot during the same late night window and take corrective action, time was of essence.
  • The migration team had to identify and decouple data migration issues from corrupt data and take necessary actions.


  • DigitalSkunks deployed an experienced team with deep domain and systems knowledge coupled with technology and processes.
  • The project team carried out dry runs and instituted steady ramp-up over a period of 1 month to iron out any process bottlenecks and system failures
  • We validated successful migrations for select customers on daily basis for quality check.


  • Target devices and customers were successfully upgraded to their target product on network with failure rate of less than 0.01%.
  • Our team worked closely with customer and ensured that any failure is fixed within next cycle
  • Validation of sample customers and quick resolution of issues ensured that we met the target timeline for this project