Cloud Computing

Digital Skunks helps businesses transform by building, deploying and managing scalable, flexible and secure cloud solutions.

Our Cloud solutions are driving the next generation of technological paradigms such as the Internet of Things and personalized user experiences built on machine learning over huge data sets. Further, by converting cap-ex into op-ex, businesses becomes more nimble and collaborative within and across the enterprise boundary.

Our offerings in Cloud Services include:

Cloud strategy consulting

One of the most disruptive changes in computing in years is cloud and hence it is one of the most important step Digital transformation. Its value proposition is many-faceted, ranging from significant cost savings over a traditional datacenter approach, to the ability to quickly build robust, resilient applications that can scale-up as traffic spikes, and scale-down as it recedes.

Our consulting services provide deep insights into the business value of cloud adoption, migration and transition scenarios, and the importance of architectural and process transformation.

Cloud integration and migration

Our cloud migration services can help businesses improve operational speed and performance, workload scalability, and environmental security and stability.

Our process involves assessment of current IT infrastructure and application landscape, evaluate the implementation potential of cloud computing, create application to asset mapping and integrate well-established cloud services with the existing on-premise environment in a phased and calibrated approach.

Managed Cloud Services

Our managed Cloud solution makes it possible to achieve faster time to market and nearly 99.99 percent availability of Cloud infrastructure. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduction in operating costs by outsourcing data centre services
  • Reduction in capital costs by provisioning cloud infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Supporting existing legacy applications with fully managed support of operating systems
  • Enhanced security and networking with a tried-and-true architecture
  • Improved performance with guaranteed service levels and greater business agility
  • Customizable solutions for complex IT environments
Cloud application development

With our agile deployment approach, powered by expertise of the state-of-the-art cloud technologies, we deliver tangible business benefits in no time.


DevOps is an efficient IT approach aimed at collaborating in-house workflows using the best in software development and IT operations to enable corporate strategists, developers and testers work collectively for a faster software development lifecycle. Therefore, increasing its reliability in deployment and delivery practices.

It facilitates product development using active monitoring process and automation. DevOps combines customer feedback within the development process for prompt error correction and upgrades. This leads to increased efficiency as linking product development with operations results in faster and efficient outcomes.

This method of continuous testing and monitoring throughout the development cycle eventuate a reformed deployment and delivery process.

  • Build: Ant, Maven, Grunt, Gradle, Make, MS Build
  • Testing: Selenium, Cucumber, Jmeter, Junit
  • CI: Jenkins, TeamCity, Visual Studio, Code Ship, Bamboo
  • Deployment: Code Deploy, Smart Frog
  • SCM: SubVersion, Git, GitHub, BitBucket
  • Collaboration: TFS, Trello, Jira, Slack, MS Teams
  • Release Mgmt.: Docker, kubernetes

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